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Guided Wealth Portfolios

Guided Wealth Portfolios

Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP) is our digital investing solution that allows you to invest online with a low starting minimum and low-cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) while working with a personal financial advisor. Whereas other, similar solutions, called “robo advisors,” often require a large investment amount before granting access to a dedicated financial advisor, our solution allows you to start with only $5,000.*

  • Customized Portfolio for Client's Specific Goal
  • Daily Portfolio Monitoring
  • Market-Movement-based Rebalancing
  • Tax-Aware Investing
  • Automated Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • Smart Capital Gains Awareness
  • Automatic Dividend Reinvestment
  • Automated Deposit Investing


If you're looking to take the complexity out of managing your finances, it would be our pleasure to talk to you about how you can access your comprehensive financial picture today. 

  • Answers in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Interactive Cash-Flow Planning
  • Protect Important Documents
  • Screen Sharing
  • Stay Aware with Alerts 
  • Personalize Your Goals
  • See Future Projections
  • Simulate Multiple Scenarios